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Like these families, you may find that homeschooling works well for your family. Our home is to guide you through some of the issues involved as you consider homeschooling. Whether or not you decide to homeschooling, we wish you and your child all the best on your educational journey. The decision to homeschool should not be made lightly or on the spur of the moment.

Do some research, speak with homeschoolers in your area, and consult your child about their wishes. Homeschooling is not for everyone. Your focus should be on what is best for your child, yourself, and your family.

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In addition to homeschooling, there are also charter schools and private schools, and in some cases you may be able to transfer your child to another public school in your area. Rather than viewing homeschooling as an escape from traditional schooling or a particular problem you have encountered in public school or elsewhere, try to view it as a positive educational option which has the potential to benefit your child and your family.

Homeschooling law is different in every state. If you are withdrawing your child from school in order to homeschool, talk to your school or district administrators about their requirements, including those for re-enrolling later on if you need to.

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It is also a good idea to ask what programs they make available to homeschoolers, such as athletics or individual course enrollment at the high school level. If your school district has a homeschool liaison, they may be able to point you to local homeschool co-ops or groups. We find that homeschooling families benefit from having a positive relationship with their local school district, if possible. In most states, there are few legal safeguards in place to ensure that children who are homeschooled are making academic progress.

This means that, as a homeschooling parent, you will be largely on your own, without someone to let you know if there is a problem; if your children have disabilities; or if a given educational approach is not working for them. Make sure you are comfortable bearing this responsibility yourself. Admissions officers and potential employers evaluate homeschool alumni differently than other children, giving more weight to letters of recommendation and transcripts than to grades.

Some colleges do not accept letters of recommendation from family or religious leaders, so being part of a varied community is important. In addition to serving as possible references, having other adults in their lives as role models and mentors may also encourage your children and boost their self esteem.

Remember also that by homeschooling you are removing your children from the system of regular medical care and screenings which is incorporated into public schools. Public school children are regularly screened for hearing and vision impairment, dental problems, and other chronic conditions, and teachers are trained to notice symptoms of learning disabilities, mental illness, eating disorders, etc. Schools also require children to receive the appropriate schedule of vaccinations.

How We Homeschool PreK (3 years old) What we use, and routine!

Without these automated systems in place, the responsibility falls solely to you to make sure your children receive regular, appropriate medical care. If possible, we encourage parents to meet other homeschooling families before making their decision to homeschool, and, if possible, to join a state or local homeschooling organization once you begin homeschooling. Bear in mind that each organization has its own culture.

Reasons for Homeschooling

You may need to explore a bit to find one that is compatible with your goals and outlook. When the modern homeschooling movement began in the s and s, many parents had conflicts with their local school districts over homeschooling. This led some homeschoolers to develop a distrust of the school system and schooling in general.

However, in the current environment of school choice, homeschooling has become increasingly accepted as one of an array of educational options. If you find yourself in a homeschooling community where a sense of fear predominates, we suggest widening your social support system to include non-homeschooling families to keep a sense of perspective. There are additional support systems available to interested homeschooling parents as well.

There are also a growing number of cyber charters and other online programs that may be of interest in homeschooling parents looking for outside support. Homeschooling children can move through educational materials at a faster pace than their peers. When the majority are ready to move on, other children get left behind. In both cases, many children often end up feeling bored, frustrated, or both. Another benefit of homeschooling education is that it exposes children to more unique experiences. Parents and kids often cite how homeschool curriculum encouraged them to get out of the home and learn about science, art, math, and history in the real world.

Experiencing things outside of a classroom is often more engaging and leads to better absorption of knowledge and skills. As a parent, you only want what is best for your children. Homeschooling your child can create a wealth of learning opportunities that are not available with other school options.

However, it is important to take into account both the pros and the cons to ensure you make an educated and informed decision. The chart includes some of the points from the article above, along with additional factors. If you have questions, please contact our team of counselors at Calvert.

We are happy to review these and other facts and answer any questions you may have about homeschooling.

How to Homeschool in Canada: 6 Steps To Start Your Journey

Search for:. You have the satisfaction that your children are learning, developing skills, and maturing in a way that aligns to your goals and values. Build stronger relationships with your children. Cons: You have to plan school-time and activities and handle the administrative work of being a teacher. Less time each day for yourself. Potential for more stress and fatigue by taking on parenting and teacher responsibilities.

Homeschooling Fact: More money dedicated to education in homeschooling. Pros: You can use vacations and other activities as part of your homeschool curriculum. Purchasing bundled learning packets can help with budgeting and ultimately help reduce costs. Cons: Dedicating time to homeschooling can mean a loss of income or reduced time working.

Pros: Your children can still participate in recreational leagues, amateur leagues, attend local homeschool sports classes, or create their own sports leagues. Cons: Most school districts do not allow homeschoolers to participate in public school sports teams. Pros: Less ridicule and social pressures that reduce self-esteem and discourage learning. Here are just a few of the reasons families in Michigan trust the curriculum:.

The Beginner’s Quick-Start Guide to Homeschooling

Homeschool curriculum choices have expanded over the last decade. Parents have much more to choose from than typical textbooks, workbooks, and other traditional schooling methods. Online courses, interactive videos, personal computers, laptops, and tablet devices provide exciting and engaging materials for children to experience. But all of these new methods often confuse parents, especially those who are new homeschoolers. Eventually, parents come to realize that mixing different tools and activities usually keeps their children stimulated and eager to learn. Help your homeschooler learn interesting history and geography facts about Michigan in the Time4Learning unit study supplement.

Learn Interesting Facts About Michigan. View our lesson demos and discover why thousands of Michigan families are already using it! Our educational materials will engage and challenge your child to succeed. Homeschooling in Michigan. Michigan Homeschooling Laws According to homeschooling authorities, Michigan families have two options to legally educate their child at home: Operate as a non-public school: this requires that all instruction be handled by a state certified teacher As a home education program: this option has almost no regulations except that families include instruction in the specific subjects of Reading, Spelling, Mathematics, Science, History, Civics, Literature, Writing and English Grammar.