Manual Gardener Bill - and the missing carrots

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Herbs are related to Rebel social group. Herbs can be used as an addition to meal or herbal drink, burned in bonfire or fireplace , or eaten raw, which will give a moodlet and various certain effects.

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The moodlet time is based on how the herb is consumed: 8 hours if eaten raw, 5 hours if added to meal, 3 hours from herbal drink, and 2 hours from being burned. Coffee beans are plants that came from University Life. Coffee beans can be consumed raw or as coffee drink from the barista bar. Coffee beans cannot be used as any ingredients or for the espresso maker. Consuming coffee bean will give various moodlets, which work like "Buzzed" moodlet from drinking coffee, which will temporarily override "Sleepy", "Tired", and "Exhausted" moodlets, as well as getting "Buzz Crashed" when the effect expires.

Crystal flowers are plants that came from Into the Future. The main use of crystal flowers is as ingredients to create trait chips for plumbots. A crystal flower has 5 types of emotional charges.

The common emotional charge is neutral. Sims can charge a crystal flower so the emotional charge will turn into either kindness, laughter, love, or rage. After that, they must charge the flower regularly, or the emotional charge will lose its power and eventually turn back into neutral. Sims can also neutralize the flower to change the emotional charge to neutral instantly.

When the flowers are harvested, Sims can harness the flower or imbue it to other Sims. When harnessed, the flower will grant a special moodlet to the user. Only non-neutral flowers can be harnessed. Money tree is a special tree that has money bill leaves and grows money bags. Sims can harvest the money bags and exchange them for money.

Sims can receive the seed from certain opportunities, fishing , analyzing an unknown special seed, and so on.

If tended well, money trees will never die. However, should it be neglected too long and perish, it will explode and leave many bills behind. The following plants have the rarity of special. Sims can plant these seeds after they've completed certain opportunities. Completing the Uncommonly Good opportunity will grant the ability to plant cheeses and eggs. Completing the Outstandingly Rare opportunity will grant the ability to plant steaks and patties. Completing The Omnificent Plant grants the ability to plant omni plant and order its seed from the mailbox.

This is because The Omnificent Plant requires Sims to plant outstanding steaks and Outstandingly Rare requires Sims to plant excellent cheeses. Omni plant is a special plant which can be used to replicate many things.

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The plant can be fed with items, and once the plant is on its harvest state, Sims can harvest whatever the plant was fed with. The following are items that can be fed to the omni plant:. Fertilizer can be used to increase the plant speed growth. Fertilizer does not affect the quality of the plant or produce.

Most ingredients can be used to fertilize plants, as well as horse fertilizer from the horse stall. Below is the list of fertilizers, the time the effect lasts, and the grade. Depending on the quality of the fertilizer, the value and length can be modified. The fertilizer value will be multiplied according to the multipliers, and the length will be added with extra days. Furthermore, completing the Master Farmer skill challenge will benefit Sims by giving additional 2 days for any fertilizers.

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They think a piece of sky might be just the thing. When Bill and Ben wake up to find the garden full of litter, Weed suggests a competition to see who can clear up the most mess. While Bill and Ben search the garden for some lettuce for Slowcoach, Thistle seizes the chance to play a trick on them. Weed is unhappy, so Bill and Ben try to cheer her up. Nothing seems to work - until they find inspiration in Whimsy the spider's web.

Confusion reigns in the garden when the sun keeps coming out for short periods during the night. Bill and Ben have fun with a strange round object they find in the garden, but Pry and Scamper can't see the funny side.

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Boo the hedgehog settles down for Winter, so Bill and Ben try to keep the garden as quiet as possible. Returning home one evening, Ben finds that something has taken the root in his pot. Slowcoach celebrates his birthday - over 3 days. Slowcoach has an uninvited guest: A Spectacle Thief!

So that night, Bill and Ben try searching for the missing spectacles. One morning, something interesting blows into the garden, but Bill and Ben misplace it and start searching for it. Weed suggests a game of treasure hunt, leading Bill and Ben to find something they're not too familiar with. Tad, next door's friendly frog, gets himself into a very sticky situation.

Bill and Ben hop to it and uncover the mystery. Bill and Ben are having fun with the garden hose, when they notice that Whoops the worm is missing. Bill and Ben awake to discover that Whimsy the spider has spun beautiful new webs around the garden.

Manual Gardener Bill - and the missing carrots

Bill and Ben set out to discover the true identity of an object that Scamper believes to be a big nut. Bill and Ben make a snow castle in the garden, but when they wake up the next day, the castle is not quite how they remembered it. One snowy morning, Tad learns there's another frog living in next door's pond, so Bill and Ben investigate. Ben stays up late to see the new moon and catches a nasty cold.