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In these photos taken Feb. All photos by Kinsee Morlan. Dallabetta's life now is the opposite of relaxing. Any thoughts of long, lazy days on the sand are gone. The small home near the beach she shares with her sister is now a makeshift dog shelter. Chaos, poop, pee, fur, barking, whimpering and vet trips now consume most of her days.

In the first in a two-part series, we spend a day rescuing dogs with Dallabetta, who runs the nonprofit Tragic to Magic. Dog Crossing Part 1: We spend a day with a hardcore dog rescuer in Rosarito. This is the first in a two-part series.

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We'll teach your dog to choose YOU over everything else. Don't beg, just click!

Dogs on the Streets: helping homeless pets and their owners | From the Observer | The Guardian

In this lecture, we'll train a very classic game. When we ask our dog's attention, they'll give it to us.

2. Decide if you want to bring it home or to your nearest shelter

But there's a twist..! In this lecture, we'll talk about how to manage the level of distraction to make sure your dog is receptive! In this lecture, I'll teach you a game I invented myself after watching my husky search for stray cats and squirrels. How cool is that!

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In this lecture, we'll harness the environment and use it as a reinforcer. Wait what..? Yes, you heard me right. We'll turn the pesky distraction into a reward!

Streets Ahead

In this lecture, we'll talk about what to do when distractions are too strong. We want to always keep our dog where they can succeed but, sometimes, "life" happens and we need to deal with it. Also, a bonus game "This Way" was added to help you during your walks. Actually this game should have been in the next section about motivational games. But I thought Super Strong Distraction was a bit dry with all the heavy lectures.

Skeleton dog kicked out of BMW onto streets after he's rejected THREE TIMES

So moved the Avalanche here. In this section, we'll see a very fun game that uses movements to improve the value of the treat. Perfect for distraction dogs or dogs that are less food motivated. In this lecture, we'll discuss why some areas might be more difficult for your dog. And how to solve that In this lecture, we'll see another way to deliver treats that is perfect for dogs who might less be interested in food or if you only have only low-value reward on you Part1. In this lecture, we'll see another way to deliver treats that is perfect for dogs who might less be interested in food or if you only have only low-value reward on you Part2.

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In this lecture, we'll see another way to deliver treats that is perfect for dogs who might less be interested in food or if you only have only low-value reward on you Part3. In this lecture, we'll play on a motivational twist of the classic hand targetting.

Rescued Street Dog - Unbelievable Transformation

A cool game to get and keep your dog's focus. In this bonus video, I show you how I taught Rina to target something with her nose when she was 2. In this lecture, we'll work on basic cues to keep your dogs receptive to cues anywhere, anytime. Why does your dog refuses to obey sometimes? What are habits? What is generizalisation? We'll cover all that! In this lecture, we'll see how we can make our dog "hunts" good behaviours! So she offers them more and more! Search for anything. Udemy for Business. Try Udemy for Business.

Teach on Udemy Turn what you know into an opportunity and reach millions around the world. Learn more. Shopping cart. Log In. Sign Up. Dog Training. Attention Games for Dogs: In the Streets.

Well not anymore! Learn easy training games that yield great results. If you are inspired by our efforts and wish to help in our mission there are a number of ways you can participate Toggle navigation. Our Story Taking It To The Streets with Lori and Shira was a concept that began by Shira's concerns about stray animals on the streets and grew into a larger concern in March for the homeless pets we call 'street dogs' and the people who care for them. Testimonials We hear from people how we are making a difference in the lives of animals and the people who own them.