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Matrix-Vector Notation for Images 24m. Inverse Filtering 13m. Constrained Least Squares 25m. Set-Theoretic Restoration Approaches 9m. Iterative Restoration Algorithms 13m. Spatially Adaptive Algorithms 20m.

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Download the Slides 10m. Homework 6 12m. Video 6 videos. Wiener Restoration Filter 24m.

Introduction to Image and Video Processing

Wiener v. Constrained Least-Squares Restoration Filter 14m. Wiener Noise Smoothing Filter 15m. Bayesian Restoration Algorithms 17m. Other Restoration Applications 18m. Homework 7 14m. Video 8 videos. Introduction 19m. Elements of Information Theory - Part I 17m. Huffman Coding 22m. Run-Length Coding and Fax 19m. Arithmetic Coding 24m. Dictionary Techniques 18m. Predictive Coding 16m. Homework 8 14m.

Video 7 videos.

Structural Subband Decomposition: A New Concept in Digital Signal Processing, Sanjit K. Mitra

Scalar Quantization 32m. Vector Quantization 19m. Differential Pulse-Code Modulation 19m. Fractal Image Compression 18m. Transform Coding 24m. JPEG 17m. Subband Image Compression 14m. Homework 9 14m. Motion-Compensated Hybrid Video Encoding 19m. On Video Compression Standards 18m. MPEG-4 19m. Homework 10 16m.

Video 4 videos. Methods Based on Intensity Discontinuity 49m. Methods Based on Intensity Similarity 18m. Watersheds and K-Means Algorithms 23m. Advanced Methods 18m. Homework 11 20m. Introduction 32m. Sparsity-Promoting Norms 30m. Matching Pursuit 13m. Smooth Reformulations 21m. Applications 33m. Homework 12 16m. Career direction. Career Benefit.

Image Transmission - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Career promotion. Topics include: scalar and vector quantization, differential pulse-code modulation, fractal image compression, transform coding, JPEG, and subband image compression. Scalar Quantization Vector Quantization Differential Pulse-Code Modulation Fractal Image Compression Transform Coding JPEG Subband Image Compression Taught By. Aggelos K. Katsaggelos Joseph Cummings Professor. Interframe Vector Quantization. Interframe Sub-Band and Wavelet Coding. Segmentation in Image Sequence Coding.

Digital Compression of Still Images and Video

Model-Based Coding. Image Transmission and Error Control: Introduction. Fixed Rate Transmission. Variable Rate Transmission. Appendix I: Variable Length Coding. Subject Index. Spectacular advances during the last decade have altered the related disciplines of computing and telecommunications beyond all recognition. The developments in the"enabling technologies,"which have made these advances possible, have been less obvious to the casual observer.

The subject of this book is one of these technologies--the coding of still images and picture sequences video. Digital Compression of Still Images and Video is general in approach and covers all the recognized coding algorithms; explaining their basic theory in enough detail that the reader will understand the principles involved. Results which have been achieved with coding algorithms by researchers in all parts of the world are also discussed.

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This book will make an excellent reference for graduates and researchers working on image coding and transmission, and will also be of use to those in the related areas of computer vision and multimedia developments. It is essential reading for the rapidly increasing number of technical and professional staff in the industrial environment who, maybe for the first time, are coming to grips with image coding.

Also, professionals using image coding in wider and multimedia technologies.

  • Digital Compression Of Still Images And Video Signal Processing And Its Applications.
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