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Another is how to use international evidence and learning effectively.

Judy Asks: Is Europe Doing Enough to Protect its Democracy?

They should be trying to create a culture and value system that supports positive change, learning and evolution. If it is inevitable that outcomes are shaped by culture and the constant iteration that happens as people interact, are there things that can be done to help that dynamic lead to better outcomes? There are two obvious arguments against attempts to change or create value systems.

The first is that such attempts are doomed to failure. Culture is so persistent over time, and develops in such a dispersed, organic and unplanned way, that it is hubristic to think that conscious action by government can change it. There is some force to this argument.

Changing culture is not easy and certainly not quick. It needs to run with the grain of what is already there. However, history tells us that it can be done. This leads to the second argument: shaping culture has no place in a liberal democracy. However, the way a government and its leaders behave and the values they implicitly or explicitly endorse will have an impact. If this impact is inevitable, why not consciously consider it and act accordingly?

Also, if we believe that values and culture are central to determining social outcomes, and governments are elected at least in part to deliver those outcomes, then saying that governments should not address values is to condemn them to failure. The most obvious way to create a culture that supports positive change and learning is for government to send messages through its words and actions that this is desirable.

The Economy: Unit 22 Economics, politics, and public policy

This would include launching and welcoming experiments in policy and practice, and being open to learning from failure, to bottom-up innovation and to constant iteration rather than over-specifying plans from the start. If the left is to live up to these two challenges in the coming months and years, it needs to re-establish its capacity to set the political agenda away from questions of immigration and security.

This publication is a comprehensive overview of developments, events and trends in Hungary in It focuses on four broad areas. Consequently, Policy Solutions and FEPS are going to work together in numerous research programmes, especially in the fields of populism, European democracy and contemporary social democracy.

The conference aims to provide an in-depth investigation of the interaction between the far-right and mainstream politics. In following up on the success of our international think tank meeting on the state of the European left-wing parties last November, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - Budapest and Policy Solutions organized a meeting on the subject of Inequalities in the European Union, which was held in Budapest on June On 23rd July in Budapest, Policy Solutions and the European Values Think Tank EV TT , a Prague-based public policy research institute, organized a National Seminar on political communication of integration of minorities, consisting of a roundtable discussion and public debate.

The election is over and it has ended in a clear victory for the governing party, Fidesz. This was the first sentence of our analysis in April, and it is the first sentence again.

Democracy - A short introduction

Apart from that, the election was primarily an internecine competition on the left and a battle between the far-right and the left. MSZP loses the former and the left wins the latter. At the elections to the European Parliament, the European Socialists could attain a relative majority of votes, thereby overtaking the conservative People's Party for the first time in two decades - thus a comprehensive analysis by the Hungarian political research institute Policy Solutions, which reviewed the state of public opinion in all 28 member states.

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Interrogating Public Policy Theory: A Political Values Perspective

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Announcing Brian Bohunicky as PPF’s New Vice-President Of Policy

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